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Passione Argentina: the new release of DDS
The tango magic of '30, revive in a beatifull cd
Among the initiatives promoted for the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Italian State Record Library of the Ministry for Arts and Culture, there is the launch of a new collection of cds from the Library’s musical productions of the last decades under the label ‘DdS’. This collection will allow to listen to material from the State Record Library that represents the unique cultural heritage of our nation. Passione argentina. Tanghi italiani degli anni ’30 was first published in 1999 and is the first release of the ‘DdS’ label offering the Italian results to a significant artistic and music phenomenon that reached Europe at the beginning of the XXth century: Tango. With Tango the echoes of faraway countries and times, forgotten languages and stories of hard daily life are materialized in a musical form that became the symbol of the identity of Argentina. When Tango arrived in Europe it was introduced for the first time in a different cultural contest than ‘rioplata’. There was a strong attraction for the ‘exotic’ but ignorance for the original elements of the new music and the forms of its dance. In the 20s in Italy, under the cultural directives of the Fascist regime, all artistic expressions were ‘Italianized’ and that obviously brought to the creation of a new repertory of Italian tangos. From those days on the evolution of tango in Italy continued confirming its vitality and ability of renewal while maintaining its essence. Passione argentina. Tanghi italiani degli anni ’30 is a selection of Italian tangos composed during the twenty years of Fascism, a relevant part of the music production of that period belonging to the State Library. It’s a rich and various repertory because that was a very fertile era for the Italian song. This anthology is made up of songs already in the collective memory of our nation such as Chitarra romana, Violino tzigano, Tango del mare, and others very popular at that time and object of many versions by the most famous interpreters: Ritornano le rose, Sei tu, Domani, Tangolita, Portami tante rose. A last group has been selected for its musical, literary or documentary value, referring to the political or social aspects of those years, or related to Spanish or Argentine productions, or for the jazz bands’ style.  
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