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Volare "Nel blu dipinto di blu"
The unpublished versions of Volare, discovered by Via Asiago, 10
"Volare - nel blu dipinto di blu": a true pearl labeled Via Asiago, 10 exceptionally published only for passionate Internet users who, with a few clicks can have a true historical document. The single includes three versions of the famous song all dated at the eighth Sanremo Festival edition in 1958. First of all the final night version, the award ceremony one, already published, for Via Asiago, 10, in the record Domenico Modugno - Radioshow, well-known because Modugno broke off by accident its live recording bumping into a cable with his foot during the show. Direct evidence of a na´ve lack of experience that joined all the protagonists of the first stirrings of light music in Italy. Next two tracks are instead completely unpublished. There is, first of all, the version sung during that Sanremo festival first night, for what audio of that time gives us testimony, on the square, of a quite lukewarm greeting allowed to Modugno who, among other things, went wrong in a few words of the lyrics written with the collaboration of Franco Migliacci, maybe too fresh yet for his memory. Third version of the song in the single is the one maybe less known, sung by a very young Johnny Dorelli. Maybe not everybody can remember in effect that, in the first Festival editions, the element mainly estimated was the song itself, that was usually sung by several performers separately: this was the case of "Nel blu dipinto di blu", for what, that year, were awarded both Modugno and Dorelli. Enjoy it! Twilight Music  
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