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Via Veneto '60 - the sweet life years
An extraordinary season revive in an wonderfull cd
Anecdotes, moods, Stars and music of those unforgettable years, better known as "la Dolce Vita" years come back to life on this unique CD. Listening to it, imagination can bring us back that extraordinary wish to escape from reality characteristic of postwar period, which brightened up the Capitoline life, letting Rome be again the World's navel for many people, artists and others. So we can ideally go back to the legendary Via Veneto, where the renowned Caffè Strega, the Club '84 and thousands other Roman little places and clubs, acted as theatres for the orchestras of Carlo Loffredo and Xavier Cugat, and for artists of the calibre of Fred Buscaglione, Bruno Martino, Abbe Lane and many others. Music by these great artists together with many interviews with that time personalities that lived that fantastic experience, complete this new record, as usual consisting of absolutely unpublished material.  
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