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She's a nice dead person
Vittoria Brunetti
LABEL Twilight Music VOLUME 1
She's a nice dead person is a bitter consideration about women and life gift, often wasted and dumped too easily, before surrounding world's indifference. The song's by Vittoria Brunetti, a young artist, Italian but owning a deep international vocation, too. Trying to enlarge her music's potentiality, she has availed herself of the collaboration of a young independent film maker and video artist: Cinzia Sarto, who has created a very interesting videoclip.
She’s a nice dead person is the first single from Vittoria Brunetti's debut album entitled Le miroir, an upcoming release for Twilight Music: a record surely with a very electronic sound but pop shaded indeed, sung in English and French, as usual for this bright international artist, also reviewed by maestro Ennio Morricone, who hasn't renounced to define her style as "brillant, joyful, able and communicative".
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She's a nice dead person
:: Autori ::
Alix Dreux  Boucard

:: Editori ::
04:44 Vittoria Brunetti € 0,99 preview   acquista
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