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78 Giri
to the discover of a forgotten audio - support
78 giri is a new initiative edited by Twilight Music and realized thanks to the contribution of two great Italian archives, Discoteca di Stato - Museo dell'Audiovisivo and Audioteca Radio Rai. 78 giri was born with the intent of saving the historical and industrial memory of a phonographic support, the 78 rpm, re-publishing accurately, after a long process of restoration, the original audio material, in precious reissues on CD enriched of new packaging and additional contents. A need born of the remark of the great cultural and artistic heritage of these two important archives-memories of Italian culture, where audio-materials preserved in 78rpms are interesting both in an historical point of view and in the artistic/cultural one, and deserve for sure a rediscovery and their own space in the recording market.  
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