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"Intreccio Policromo" by Giorgio Nottoli
"Intreccio policromo" Weaving polychrome by Giorgio Nottoli (2013) with Francesco Prode for piano, gong and live electronics
The piece is composed by linking together two seemingly very different sound materials: the sound of a gong and that of the piano. The starting point was just the sound of a gong: the combination of it's frequency components constitutes the colorfulness of the piece. The exchange of roles and characteristics between the two instruments generates a plot in which the piano explores the pitches derived from the percussion instrument. The special role of the live electronics is to allow the merger of the two sound spectra, creating articulations and differently layered processes. Giorgio Nottoli (composer, born 1945 in Cesena, Italy) teaches Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Rome “S.Cecilia” and at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. The major part of his works are realized by means of electro-acoustic media both for synthesis and processing of sound. The objective is to make timbre the main musical parameter and a "construction unit" through the control of sound microstructure. In the works for instruments and live electronics, the aim of Giorgio Nottoli is to extend the sonority of the acoustic instruments by means of complex real time sound processing. He has designed both analog and digital musical systems in conjunction with various universities and research centers. Short biographical notes. Pianist. A passion for contemporary, held in baptism in 2005 by Karlheinz Stockhausen in Kuerten. Musician revelation of Music Biennale di Venezia in 2014, offers a very personal interpretation with "... suffered onde serene ..." by Luigi Nono. For this, Francesco Prode was described by critics as a national and international "symbol of the new music." In June 2014, Prode is the official pianist of the New York City Electronic Music Festival. Thanks to its extraordinary ability to be deeply in cultural codes and different interpretation, captures the essence of the music composers from all over the world: from South Korea, China, France, the United States. In Italy and in Europe, the affinities of the Brave lead to dialogue and work closely with composers such as Ivan Fedele, Denis Smalley, Marco Stroppa, Mark Andre, Alessandro Solbiati, Martino Traversa, Riccardo Panfili. His performances have been broadcast by radio in the historical spread of contemporary music as WDR 3, Radio 3 Suite, Vatican Radio, Radio Cemat. Numerous its first performances, including the world premiere of 2x5 and City Life of Steve Reich in the Sala Sinopoli of the Parco della Musica in Rome. During the last years, Prode plays for major musical institutions of national and international, including Finland, Albania, USA. "About Brave. It 'a phenomenon. Great for virtuoso technique, a large head, a true re-creator " Mario Gamba, the Manifesto….  
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