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Discoteca Di Stato
Discoteca Di Stato Twilight Music goes on with care and passion recovering and spreading historical audio material with a new recording initiative: “DDS – Discoteca di Stato”, a new label born to improve and spread the precious catalogue made of voices, music and sounds hedged and collected in Discoteca di Stato – Museo dell’Audiovisivo archives, since 1928. It’s absolutely interesting material as in a historic-cultural point of view as in an artistic one. Material published many years ago, which here is presented again in a careful re-release work, enriched with interesting editorial contents, and brought back to life thanks to a long and accurate phonographic restoration. The thing that has motivated us to create this series is not only the possibility of documenting an industry’s history: the recording one; nor only the opportunity to describe a part of cultural history of a nation: Italy; it’s need to rediscover collective memory: that mental public space where everyone has his little role, where everyone can have the possibility to bring back to life his own emotions and memories thanks to the evocative power of present and past music.  
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Passione argentina VV. AA.
Passione argentina
ascolta    acquista
Pianos in concert Various Artists
Pianos in concert
ascolta    acquista
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