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Matteo Salvatore
At last a production thanks to what we can listen to Matteo Salvatore, a production that can't be missed by folk music fans because it's full of history, experiences and culture. Matteo Salvatore, born in 1925 in Apricena, to be more precise in that rich Gargano's hinterland to be numbered among the most prolific lands for musical productions (we can't forget cantors like Sacco, Piccininno e Maccarone from the near Carpino, magic tarantella from Gargano or fascinating tarantella from Sannicandro, the unforgettable Rocco Draicchio and his Al Darawish as his creature: the Carpino Folk Festival). So Matteo belongs to a country extraordinarily and particularly creative from a musical point of view. A life unbelievably oscillating between poverty and popularity, between great love and tragedy, all accompanied with an invariable costant: his music, his extraordinary creative, poetic and performing ability, an unmistakable voice, a guitar often sad, sometimes whipping, fascinating anyway. A life exceptionally rich: from playing his guitar for couples in Trastevere to the first recordings (about a hundred productions among 78,45 and 33rpm); from the appearence in a movie next to Yves Montand to the first live shows which will lead Italo Calvino up to state that Matteo is the only source of popular culture in Italy; from Cantagiro to the tour with Modugno. According to Pino Daniele, Matteo could symbolize our music in the world; the unforgettable Concetta Barra sustained that "Matteo quanne piglia 'a chitarra te fa vede' u paravise"... The opportunity to listen to Matteo, but also to read about his life, is given us by the artist himself, thanks to all the tales granted to Angelo Cavallo and edited by Raffaele Vescera. The consequence is the pubblication of a book enclosing a CD: "La luna aggira il mondo e voi dormite". It's not simply a book, but a little life and wisdom library, as can be the one enclosed in every wise old man of ours, a wisdom not necessarily lived (as Matteo's case), but implied in his daring vicissitudes as life's lessons: quite a century of history, our South history, during one of its poorest phases, where misery was everyday life, and to be able to eat a dish of "black pasta" was considered a fortune. It's not simply a CD, but an archive of notes and most meaningful lyrics by Matteo Salvatore, in which wise musical contribution by Angelo Pantaleo has been able to sweeten Matteo's genius with a touch of everlasting usability. So we can enjoy the famous "Lu bene mio", the beautiful love song over every limit and prohibition, originally accompanied by his great love's voice; "Sempre poveri", the condemnation and wisdom song..."chi sta bone nun crede all'ammalete e chi sta sazio nun crede all'affamete"; "E' proibito", from the fervid memory of him who, in the past, has been also town crier who, to the sound of a horn, notified the illiterate inhabitants of what was established by the rulers of that time. The extraordinary "Arrucunete", poetry and sadness in sweet-and-sour sauce. Matteo is for sure a singer-songwriter whose songs has meanings which go over the immediate intelligible. When he was a kid he asked his mother what does it mean the phrase "Moon goes round the world and you're sleeping", his mother replied "it means so many things!"...  
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La Passione Secondo Matteo Matteo Salvatore
La Passione Secondo Matteo
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