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Alberto Laurenti
Alberto Laurenti is musical author of three different recording projects: Rumba de Mar (band specialized in parties, events and clubs organization), Ensemble Ethnique (World Music ambitious recording project shared with the producers Paul and Peter Micioni and Massimo Zuccaroli; and Picccola Orchestra Romana (quite a true risky business born to reread Roman popular music). Orchestra conductor at "Cultura Moderna Slurp", he's taken part to various Rai and Mediaset TV shows. As an author (he has under his belt over a million copies sold all over the world), and a arranger and art producer he has collaborated with Tiromancino, Renato Zero Roberto Murolo, Franco Califano, Gabriella Ferri, Nino D'Angelo. As a guitar player he has been performer in some Marina Rei and Gabin productions. He has conducted twice the orchestra at Festival di Sanremo. For his musical work and the great public success of his last theatrical performance (seasons 2005/2006), he has been appointed "Honorary Academician" at Campidoglio. Author of musicals like I BRIGANTI, on stage at Teatro Greco and Salone Margherita. His orchestra: Rumba de Mar, Arab gipsy group with Maghrebian and Neapolitan influences, thanks to their original sound, were chosen as resident band at Billionaire, moreover for the renowned "Buddha Bar" Vol.8 publication, the arab gipsy piece "Asilah" was included in the exclusive compilation. This choice was reconfirmed in "Buddha Bar Ten Years" to celebrate 10 years of successes for this international compilation. The last Laurenti's work, on September 2007, was "Somewhere Else", the last extraordinary musical journey by Ensemble Ethnique, embellished by several international guests' featurings.  
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Album correlations
Somewhere Else Ensemble Ethnique
Somewhere Else
ascolta    acquista
Chillounge sin fronteras Ensemble Ethnique
Chillounge sin fronteras
ascolta    acquista
Chakra Lounge VV. AA.
Chakra Lounge
ascolta    acquista
Chakra Lounge Vol. 2 VV. AA.
Chakra Lounge Vol. 2
ascolta    acquista
ascolta    acquista
Roma Concerto Vol. I - Le Serenate Alberto Laurenti e la ...
Roma Concerto Vol. I - Le ...
ascolta    acquista
Latina Collection VV. AA.
Latina Collection
ascolta    acquista
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