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Radio Rai Big Band
Radio Rai Big Band, great heritage of the time (1977), great resource nowadays (even if with a little reorganization) strikes for its musicians' skill. It's not unusual, given that, at the time, all the best jazz musicians, more or less, came from radio. A fine tradition which rose from the need to run away of radio audience. In fact the first jazz orchestras, composite and well sponsored by Italian radio, came to life after the War. When wish of amusement and escaping from second world war destructive past let meet each other night clubs (at the time they was the centre of night entertainment) and syncopated and frenetic overseas jazz rhythms. So music, which in America was avant-garde, in Italy became a more interesting version of old Italian music. A trend which made the audience of that time crazy, and Italian radio could wisely bring out in its music programs thanks to a big breeding ground of great musicians. You just need to remember soloists like: Gianni Oddi, Cicci Cantucci, Beppe Carrieri, Nino Culasso, Marcello Rosa, Baldo Maestri…  
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