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Teddy Reno
Teddy Reno - alias Ferruccio Merk Ricordi - (Trieste, July 11th, 1926) is an Italian singer and actor. He started his career during the 50's taking part to several Festival di Sanremo editions. His biggest hits are: Te vojo ben, Trieste mia, Addormentarmi così, Campanaro, Ricordati ragazzo, Libero, Piccolissima serenata. In 1956 he took part, together with Totò and Peppino De Filippo in the film "Totò, Peppino e la... malafemmina", bringing to success the song (written by Totò) which gave the movie the same title. During the TV show "Canzoni al Caminetto" Teddy Reno surprised his fans giving them, without any forewarning, the news of his already happened marriage. He also introduced the bride to televiewers, Livia Protti, a girl student from Milan. In the 60's he invented the "Festival degli sconosciuti di Ariccia" (Ariccia Unknowns Festival). In that period he also started his affair with the very young singer Rita Pavone. In that period he also started his affair with the very young singer Rita Pavone. Their relation made a great fuss at the time, because of the age gap between the two lovers, that had to move to Switzerland to get married in 1968. Ever since they has lived in that country, having two children.  
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