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Nunzio Filogamo
«Miei cari amici vicini e lontani, buonasera ovunque voi siate»
Nunzio Filogamo (Palermo, September 20th, 1902 – Rodello, January 24th, 2002) was an Italian TV presenter. His reputation is tied especially to his historical phrase at the beginning of Festival di Sanremo in 1952 of which he already presented the first edition. Altogether he presented 5 Festivals. He went down to show business history interpreting the character of Aramis in a famous anti-war TV series by Nizza e Morbelli: "I quattro moschettieri", linked to a picture-cards contest. Presenter graceful and polite, he took part to several shows on radio and TV. Mike Bongiorno, Mario Riva and Corrado have taken his heritage. Alienated in the 60's because of his homosexuality, died alone in Rodello during his hundredth year of life.  
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