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Oscar Carboni
Oscar Carboni (Ferrara, September 9th, 1914 – Ferrara, 1993) was an Italian singer. He joined the EIAR as a radio singer after the new voices competition called by radio company in 1939, making his debut on January 1st, 1940 with Angelini Orchestra and then with Barzizza's one with famous pieces like "Firenze sogna", "E zitto amore", "Piccola santa", "Il tango del mare" and "La mia canzone al vento". Called to arms, he took part to some shows dedicated to the armed forces managed by EIAR at wartime and after September 8th 1943, failing an attempt to ecape, he had to interpret propaganda songs for the fascist Republic of Salò's EIAR. During the postwar period he remained in the group of RAI singers where, thanks to his painstaking and at the same time popular style, he went on to gain a good success with songs like "Cantando con le lacrime agli occhi", "Serenata serena", "Acquerello napoletano", "Il Pianino è partito da Napoli" and "Serenata celeste". After a stay in South America, Angelini required him for the second edition of Festival di Sanremo (1952); during the same year he took part to Festival della canzone napoletana where he gained the 2nd prize with "Varca lucente". He went on until the beginning of 60's to present his songs on radio, at first with Nello Segurini's orchestra and then in his own program, "Canta Oscar Carboni". His traditional melodic-sentimental vein, nevertheless, by then was surpassed by the new swing influences of the 50's: dropped temporarily the microphones, he started a business in Torino and then he dedicated himself to ballroom music, a music genre much more in accordance with the tone of his voice and his taste. Main exponent of Italian melodic song, he periodically went back to the radio as a guest for revival music shows (among which, in 1978, "Toh, chi si risente" by Carlo Loffredo).  
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