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Duo Fasano
Duo Fasano was a vocal Italian duo of the 50's. It was composed by two twin sisters from Torino: Dina (alias Secondina Fasano; Torino, September 21st, 1924 - November 24th, 1996) and Delfina Fasano (alias Terzina Fasano; Torino, September 21st, 1924 - December 16th, 2004). Noticed by M° Prato in 1940, after a long mess-tin period, they started performing in the immediate after-war period. In 1948 they joined the group of M° Cinico Angelini, together with Nilla Pizzi and Luciano Benevene. They took part to the first edition of Festival di Sanremo with seven pieces among which "Sotto il mandorlo" and "Sorrentinella", and in 1952, even though they didn't get among the finalist songs of Sanremo, they won the prestigious award Maschera d'Argento. In 1954 they gained the third position at Festival di Sanremo accompanying Gino Latilla, during the performance of "E la barca torṇ sola". In 1957 they won together with Vittoria Mongardi, at Toronto's Festival della Canzone Italiana with "Casetta in Canadà". At the beginning of the 60's they left Italy and went on performing in South America and in Australia. In 1986 they were awarded by the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini as well-deservings of Italian music and song culture. Among their successes: "Due gattini", "Casetta in Canadà", "Cirillino ci", "Aveva un bavero", "Raggio nella nebbia", "Nozze d'oro", "Fragole e cappellini", "Le trote blu", "I ragazzi dello swing".  
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Cari Amici Vicini e Lontani VV. AA.
Cari Amici Vicini e Lontani
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