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Achille Togliani
Achille Togliani (Pomponesco, January 16th, 1924 – Roma, August 12th, 1995) was an Italian singer and actor. After several attempts on the way of cinema, he took part to some variety shows, like Macario's "Febbre azzurra" (1947): there he was noticed by maestro Angelini who wanted him for his group of "singers on radio", that he joined in 1950. His warm and harmonious voice together with a movie star figure (one of his early flames was Sophia Loren, on top of that he also appeared on several picture stories of that time) made him shortly one of the most esteemed interpreters of Italian song, with a repertoire basically melodic which included revisitings of 30's and 40's successes (notorious were "Parlami d'amore Mariù" and "Bambina innamorata") and catchy sentimental songs like "Signorinella", "La canzone dell'amore", "Come pioveva", "La signora di 30 anni fa", "Lasciami cantare una canzone" and "Conoscerti". In 1951 he inaugurated (with Nilla Pizzi and Duo Fasano) the Festival di Sanremo, to which he took part in several other editions ('52, '53, '54, '59, '60 and '61), then in 1954 he won at Festival di Napoli with "Suonno d'ammore" (there, with 6 attendances, he won a record among the not-Neapolitan singers). Main voice of Angelini's orchestra, in the 50's and 60's he introduced his songs during many popular radio shows: Nati per la musica (1953), Talegalli show by Ciorciolini and Talegalli (1958-59), Maestro per favore presented by Filogamo (1961), Il traguardo degli assi (1959), Disco magico by Verde presented by Corrado (1961), Nate ieri by Luigi Silva (1962), Gran Varietà (1966). Although his name was linked to a music genre destined to an inexorable decay, Togliani could preserve for a long time his popularity with a great portion of the audience, attached to the memory of his successes but also to the remarkable care of his performances. Since the 70's he has started singing again most of all to take part or to present revival shows like Piccola storia della canzone italiana (1973) by Gigli, Toh chi si risente by Loffredo (1978) and Una signora di trent'anni fa, a show made of old songs that he presented in 1979.  
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