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Francesco Galante
He was born at Rome in 1956. Studied under Giorgio Nottoli for his diploma in Electronic Music. He pursued his studies in France at the GMEB (today known as IME) in Bourges (1979-80) after which he worked as a composer-researcher at the “Centro per la Musica Sperimentale” of Domenico Guaccero in Rome. Besides his work as a composer in the electro-acoustic field, Galante has worked in the area of scientific technology applied to sound (see International Computer Music Conference 1984, 1986 and i Colloqui di Informatica Musicale 1988, 1989, etc.). He is one of the founding members of the Associazione Musica Verticale 1978 to 1990 and was appointed artistic director of the association from 1980–81. He is a scholar and writer on electro-acoustic music (since 1990 he’s been the editor of the magazine on musical studies Musica/Realtà of Milano) he has written two volumes Musica Espansa, (co-written with Nicola Sani) published by Ricordi and Metafonie (co-written with Luigi Pestalozza) published by LIM Lucca. He composed electronic music works with an emphasis on acusmatic theatre. Since 2000 he has been collaborating with the choreographer and dancer Alessandra Gallone and her experimental dance company “Nuvole In Viaggio”. In 1997 he was “composer in residence” at l’Institute International de la Musique Electroacoustique in Bourges. Between 1998 and 2000 together with Luigi Pestalozza he coordinated a biannual event of electro-acoustic concerts entitled “Metafonie” for the Teatro Alla Scala of Milano. He was also the scientific director of the international convention “Musica e Tecnologia Domani” hosted by the Teatro Alla Scala in November 1999. His music has been performed in Italy and many international festivals in France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Canada, Korea, etc. Some of his works have been recorded and released by various music labels: Fonit Cetra, Eshock Editions in Moscow, LIMEN Editions and also published by Ricordi. He is currently a professor of electronic music at the music conservatory of Cosenza.  
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