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Carlo Galletti
Graduated in Composition, Electronic Music and Orchestration for Brass Band. He works professionally in both the music and computer science arenas juggling between composition, performance, scientific research and teaching. His music is very versatile ranging from vocal to instrumental and electronic works. For many years he collaborated with numerous period music ensemble. His association with these ensembles involves performing and also transcribing 16th century prints of madrigals into modern notation. He is also the author of many electronic music works in which he often uses the electronic processing of sound in real-time. Besides composition and performance in Electronic Music, he is dedicated to the design of real-time systems. He has in fact created audiovisual systems controlled through the interaction between man and machine bringing together sound events, colour and visual form; interactive applications for professional digital audio systems; score transcribers and sequencers for composition and musical performance via analysis, synthesis, filtering of digital audio signal and spatial dynamics of sound. As a performer he has specialised in contemporary and electronic music. He also assists other composers in production, post-production, in the design of synthesis algorithms and audio signal processing and also monitors real-time processing and sound design for concerts.  
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Elettronica Italiana Vol. 1 VV. AA.
Elettronica Italiana Vol. 1
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