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Barriere, alias Anastasio Sciarratta, composer, arranger, has started his musical experience at the age of 8 taking piano lessons privately, with the best teachers, among the most esteemed in Italian survey, like Stefano Sabatini, Riccardo Biseo.
After a long militancy in Roman clubs' circles, as sound engineer and musician for several bands in capital city, he started his artistic career, produced by Twilight Music.
It's unusual the genre with which the artist has measured himself at the beginning of his way, in fact he produced a set of beautiful bossa style songs, sung in Portuguese by some of the greatest performers of this genre: Themis R, Jim Porto, Iramar.
Thanks to "Seducao", "Sonhando Ipanema" and "Illusoes", he is present in the tracklists of various compilations produced and published in several countries in the world. "Thunder in Sunshine" marks a great alteration of course as in composition as in the arrangement, showing great versatility and harmonic qualification, preserving anyway a refined and smart taste for music.
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