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LCE - Le Confort Electronique
LCE [Le Confort Electronique] is the more experimental project of the artist and producer Marco Ricci. After two albums released as Urban Chill and after many collaborations, Marco Ricci now needs to synthesize every single element that creates what we call music. His sounds are so daringly synthesized so that they all become basic pieces of the fragile structures where also silence has a key role in the whole composition. Slight noises, repetitive textures becoming deeper, the use of common objects as unusual instruments and his electronic frequencies will take you through a travel in a dreadful universe made of empty spaces, sudden tension strains, silence and peaceful atmospheres.  
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Album correlations
high speed sounds1 VV. AA.
high speed sounds1
ascolta    acquista
LCE plus Panti Le Confort Electronique ...
LCE plus Panti
ascolta    acquista
Chakra Lounge Vol. 2 VV. AA.
Chakra Lounge Vol. 2
ascolta    acquista
Electronic Anatomy VV. AA.
Electronic Anatomy
ascolta    acquista
Jailed Brain VV. AA.
Jailed Brain
ascolta    acquista
Antenne Le Confort Electronique
ascolta    acquista
Kolme Le Confort ...
ascolta    acquista
Crisis Le Confort Electronique
ascolta    acquista
Great Northern Hotel Le Confort Electronique
Great Northern Hotel
ascolta    acquista
Jordkerne Le Confort Electronique
ascolta    acquista
LCE Le Confort Electronique
ascolta    acquista
Synthesis of an origami Le Confort Electronique
Synthesis of an origami
ascolta    acquista
Metropolhouse Vol.1 VV. AA.
Metropolhouse Vol.1
ascolta    acquista
Warm Colours VV. AA.
Warm Colours
ascolta    acquista
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