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Danilo Santilli
He was born in Rieti in 1961. He studied Composition with A. D’Antò, Electronic Music with G. Nottoli, Orchestr Conduction with D. Lucantoni, and Instrumentation for Band with F. Creux. He studied contemporary music composition in depth following courses and seminars with G. Grisey, S. Sciarrino, G. Manzoni, H. Lachelmann, A. Solbiati, L. Salvatori, for jazz B. Tommaso and G. Gazzani, for conduction G. Gelmetti. He set up and directed “Camerata polifonica” with which he executes symphonic-choral musics with various lineups. his compositions are executed during international Contemporary Music festivals. His choral and acusmatic works are published by “F.E.N.I.A.R.C.O”, “Gramma” Institute and “XXI° musicale”. He collaborated as a musician to visual-sonorous installations, taking care of many others from the design, to graphic carrying out, to music. In 2005 he gained the first prize of division C of the Composition Contest for Big Bands “Barga Jazz”. For the music applied to the images he collaborated with RAI fiction and D.I.T.I. srl edizioni, for whom he wrote musics and songs for the cartoon “Hotus e Locus” (enclosed in “Melevisione”). For Lor.Enz he wrote music for the production of three full-lenght films-documentaries for region Friuli Venezia Giulia. He collaborated with “Calcagnadoro” Art Institute in Rieti for audio-visual productions. He teaches “Teoria e solfeggio” at Music Conservatory in Rovigo. At the University Tor Vergata in Rome he teaches “Analisi della partitura e degli stili musicali” for the Master in "Sound engineering". Didactics projects: he is finishing (2008) his software of self-teaching for musical dictation and sung, for the Theory and solfeggio examination at music conservatories. At the base of the software there is the immediate and intensive feedback that students have, preparing an exam, with their own voice. Audio-visual projects: he wrote the script, the music and he is the director of a short animated film, that he is actually finishing (2008), which takes W. Kandinsky's picture "Struttura allegra" as a starting point. The soundtrack is recorded by the Venetian youth orchestra.  
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