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Maria Cristina De Amicis
She made studies of Composition, Electronic Music, Organ and Organ Composition, graduating at the Music Conservatory “A. Casella” in L’Aquila. After the achieving of his music studies, the professional activity has gradually concentrated on the most advanced trends of musical language. In particular, thanks to the important experience completed in the field of musical informatics and use of technologies, she set up, with other musicians and researchers, the GRAMMA Institute - Centre for musical creation, where since 1989 she has carried out her artistic and scientific activity. Since the beginning, her work has set out for the most advanced musical composition gathering all her information and technologic experiences about the analysis and processing of sound; this approach let her gain innovative results in the field of orchestration and musical conceiving (Aura ’94, Codice ’97, Leben ‘02), and also in the sphere of theater (L’Ultimo Nastro di Krapp ‘97, La Principessa dispettosa ’99, Trasformazioni dell’anima ‘00). The working sphere dedicated to contemporary music and researches on new languages was equiped by partecipation to several workshops and seminars with important composers at Research Centers and Universities specialized in Musical Informatics. She took care of the drawing up of the records of biennal event "La Terra Fertile ’96 - ’98 – ‘00", which gather contributions of Conservatories, Universities and Research Centers. She wrote articles and essays about Contemporary Music's problems with a special reference to aesthetic matters and utilization of information systems, from which emerges a supplemented vision of expressive possibilities given by traditional instruments in cohesion with the most advanced technologies (La Terra Fertile: una necessità musicale ’94, Metamorfosi dei corpi. Un’esperienza di integrazione tra musica e arti della visione ’98). Her works were executed during important Contemporary Music events in Italy and abroad (Lyon, Paris, Bouges, Barcelona, Aveiro, Madrid, Budapest, Athens, Salonicco, Berlin, Frankfurt, Wien, Tallin). Since 2000 she has been a teacher of Electronic Music at Music Conservatory “L. Canepa” in Sassari.  
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Elettronica Italiana Vol. 2 VV. AA.
Elettronica Italiana Vol. 2
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