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Enrico Simonetti
Enrico Simonetti (January 29th 1924 - May 28th 1978) was born in Alassio. He's a very good piano player and composer thanks to composing studies done at Accademia Chigiana. In 1948, after performing in the best night clubs in Rome with the musician Bruno Martino, got off in Brazil with an acting company, where after a few time he will have set up a wonderful orchestra, able to compete against the best local orchestras. In 1960 he's among the VIPs who took part to Brasilia's inauguration. In 1963 he came back to Italy where he'll have re-started his career anew. Musical director for Fonit Cetra, he has taken part to Festival di Napoli, Festival di Sanremo and then he'll have become an ironic and mocking anchor. The moment of great popularity also in Italy, arrived thanks to television with columns like Lei non si preoccupi, Il signore ha suonato? and Andiamoci Piano. His television conduction was atypical, disenchanted and, as Kramer and Luttazzi, he presented again the changeover from orchestra director to character. A unique style that he presented on radio, too and that will never have left behind the quality of orchestra performances and arrangements. Simonetti was also author of scores for movies and TV serials. His masterpiece is, with no doubts, the notable theme song written for TV serial Gamma, directed by Salvatore Nocita in 1975, which will have remained for several weeks at the first place in the top sellers 45 rpm chart. He died in a Roman clinic because of complications after a common surgical operation.  
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