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Maximus and Felix
The idea of a collaboration between two composers coming from different musical cultures, started from the wish of creating a common project ripened after about twenty years of parallel experiences, always compared eachothers in their daily relation. "Maximus" Massimo Zuccaroli, composer and keyboard player, came from classical music studies, comp˛ementary of a long artistic and professional experience in the world of pop and computer music. "Felix" Felice Severa, composer and keyboard player too, graduated in piano, instead analysed thoroughly his musical knowledge going in for the study of classical and electronic composition. The great interest about instrumental music, the use of calculator as a medium of composition, the continuous research consecrated to discovery of new sound dimensions, represent the points of cohesion between two musical worlds. In 1993 came out their first CD entitled "11:11 Open The Door", which enclosed, in quite all the tracks the singer GIORGIA as a guest. Coming from the success of this first record they were invited in Sweden to realize a project with Ken Lavendel, a multiform personality of New Age movement, from which were born an album entitled "Evighetens Hav". The following CD "The Light from North" is a logical consequence of their debut album, where two musicians showed their unique talent of creating, through the electronic instrumentation, a perfect marriage between the sound of an orchestra and the various natural instruments' one.  
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