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Maximus, alias Massimo Zuccaroli, is a composer, keyboard player, opera singer graduated at the Florence Music Academy and expert of music technology. After classical music studies he acquired a long artistic experience in pop and computer music. At the beginning of the 90ís he started the project Maximus and Felix. Together the two composers realized three albums of instrumental music, a single CD, one mix and they also appeared in various compilations produced in Italy and abroad including other great exponents of that genre such as Brian Eno, Kitaro, Yanni, Tangerine Dream, Suzanne Ciani, etc...  
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Album correlations
Chillounge sin fronteras Ensemble Ethnique
Chillounge sin fronteras
ascolta    acquista
11:11 Open the door Maximus and Felix
11:11 Open the door
ascolta    acquista
The Light from North Maximus and Felix
The Light from North
ascolta    acquista
Let It Out Ken Lavendell - Maximus ...
Let It Out
ascolta    acquista
Chakra Lounge VV. AA.
Chakra Lounge
ascolta    acquista
ascolta    acquista
Du Ar Remixes Maximus and Trilogy
Du Ar Remixes
ascolta    acquista
90's Style Dance Music VV. AA.
90's Style Dance Music
ascolta    acquista
Betraktaren Massimo Zuccaroli
ascolta    acquista
Metropolhouse Vol.1 VV. AA.
Metropolhouse Vol.1
ascolta    acquista
Warm Colours VV. AA.
Warm Colours
ascolta    acquista
Maximus Remixes Maximus
Maximus Remixes
ascolta    acquista
Maximus Portrait Collection 1992-2001 Maximus
Maximus Portrait Collection ...
ascolta    acquista
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