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Bruno Canfora
Bruno Canfora, for public imagery, is that moustached man who has appeared on black and white TV behind Mina's shoulders. This is the image that hundreds hours of television repertoire gave back us about the important composer, arranger and orchestra director. Charming images, polite, often notable in the matter of music, which also came ten-fifteen years after the achievement of radiophonic Canfora, who probably is the most actual. Bruno Canfora is a musician all-accomplished and hearing his name you immediately think about relevant titles as for television Canfora (Canzonissima; Eva contro Eva; Sabato Sera; Addio Giovinezza; Studio Uno…) as for the radiophonic one (Concerti dell’Orchestra di ritmi e canzoni,dal 1955; Recentissime, 1957) and the cinematic one (Lupi nell’Abisso, 1959; Un Angelo è sceso a Brooklyn, 1957; Nel Giorno del Signore, 1970), in addition Bruno Canfora is also an author who can sell millions of records like “Zum Zum Zum ”, “Il ballo del Mattone”, "Il gheghegè", "Da-da-umpa", "Stasera mi butto".
Canfora was born in Milan in 1924 and he studied piano and graduated in Oboe at G. Verdi conservatory. He used to say "War helped along me". In fact the maestro was in Trieste at once after Italy liberation, and there with his band played along with all allied show formations which were performing in town. In 1948 he moved away to Torino where he won second edition of "Bacchetta d'oro". Ever since he has been steadily orchestra director of "Castello Danze", thanks to this experience he gained his unmistakable orchestral timber. Since 1950 he has been orchestra director for the show "Ice Folies" by Garmish in Bavaria, becoming at the same time orchestra director for Fonit for all the jazz and light music recordings. Since 1955 he has directed various radio orchestras, with persisting tendency to create only soloists made orchestras. Notable were his weekly performances on Second channel as, for example, "Recentissime", that introduced 54 songs among those that have not ridden Festival di Sanremo's selections out.  
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Il Cofanetto di Via Asiago, 10
ascolta    acquista
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