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Rebecca is a roman songwriter. She approaches to art starting by studying the classical Ballet. She loves her mother playing the piano, especially Chopin. When she was 20 years old a photographer made her work as a model for pictures. She takes part to television shows like “Partita doppia” performed by Pippo Baudo. Later she’ll leave the Ballet for studying at the university of Rome “La Sapienza”. She takes the degree and step by step she approaches to music by studying, listening to her favorites artists. She takes part to Castrocaro festival singing a song composed and arranged by Roberto Russo: she is a finalist. She starts by making experiments with musical notes: so she succeds to compose the musical part and also the lyrical part of her songs. She prefers to sing in English and in Italian. She cooperates for the arrangements with Claudio Passavanti, Francesco Musacco, Fabiano Lelli. Rebecca performs songs written by other people (for example: “I’m your paradise” thought and composed By Fabiano Lelli for the voice of Rebecca, the lyrical part was written by Manola Colangeli). Claudio Passavanti arranges the song “Fairy feeling”. She works with Paul and Peter Micioni: they produce a dance song of Rebecca called “Right now”. For the writing of some english songs Rebecca made use of Manola Colangeli and Paul Rossi cooperation. She is an eclectic artist so she loves also painting.  
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Cocktail House Selection
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