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Massimo Zuccaroli
Massimo Zuccaroli is an award-winning musician who has been a leading innovator and educator on the music scene in Italy constantly pushing the industry to new heights. He uses his extensive artistic talents as bass-baritone, guitar player, composer and music producer to bridge the divide between his deep classical training and the modern world of digital technology producing music with cutting-edge results. Zuccaroli’s latest project mixes bass-baritone opera singing with the neoclassical Rock sounds of his electric guitar, once again positioning him as the leader of a new musical genre which melts the Italian tradition of ‘Melodramma’ and ‘Bel Canto’ with the characteristic sounds of Rock and Neoclassical Metal in an unusual brand new artistic performance. He has recently launched the first song of his project “The Music of the Night”, recently published on the digital market and the Tour under the same title. The upcoming single is “Vecchia Chitarra” a re-elaborated version of the song ‘Vecchia Zimarra’ from Puccini’s Bohème that perfectly illustrates the innovative artistic combination created by Massimo Zuccaroli. Zuccaroli has a lifetime of musical accomplishments to his credit, including being appointed Expert in Higher Artistic and Musical Education by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, in 2014 and included in the list of 300 Italian experts to be assigned to cultural institutions’ Board of Directors. In 2015 the same Ministry appointed him one of only three national judges for the National Prize ‘Claudio Abbado’ to be designated to students of the Italian Music Conservatories for the category rock and popular music. Zuccaroli is founder and president of the musical association ‘Associazione Musica Oggi’ (1979) and the ‘Italian Institute of Music Technology’ (IIIM - 1988), both based in Rome. Funded by the European Community and the Italian Government, Zuccaroli was the first in Italy to offer professional training courses in computer science, technology and music production, has more than 12,000 hours of lessons and seminars, and has graduated more than 1,000 students who have gone on to positons in the audiovisual and music industry. He continues to teach master classes at the Universities of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ and ‘Tor Vergata’. As founder and president of the record label ‘Twilight Music’ and the publishing company ‘Diaframma Edizioni Musicali’, he has served in the capacity as composer, producer, artist and industry leader. • As a composer, he has more than 100 record publications worldwide to his credit, including composing for artists such as the famous Italian singer Giorgia (Album Cd "Giorgia" - double platinum record in Italy in 1994) and the Canadian singer Natalie Simard (gold record in Canada in 1991). • As a producer, working in partnership with the Italian public broadcaster, RAI, he has produced more than 300 publications worldwide, including the CD series ‘Via Asiago 10’, which was awarded the 2007 AFI Prize at the Sanremo Festival (the major Italian song festival), the AFI International Prize at Midem in Cannes and the MEI Prize for best music project the same year. • As artist and producer, he is engaged in the organization of the Forum Academy department of the Forum Music Village in Rome, where most of the winning and nominated Italian soundtracks have been produced (Founded by the Academy Award winners Ennio Morricone and Luis Bacalov, it is one of the most prestigious recording studios in the world for the production of movie soundtracks.) • As an artist and producer, In 2004 his DVD ‘High Speed Sound Vol. 1’ received the MENTION D'HONNEUR at the 22nd International Sport Movies & TV Festival in Milan. He has also been involved in two artistic projects respectively ‘Maximus and Felix’ and ‘No Noise’, with both he realized cds and compilations worldwide published. Zuccaroli was a member of the team that created the soundtrack of the Italian pavillion at the Worldwide Expo in Shangai in 2010. As an artist in 1993 he toured Sweden with the Concert and Exhibition “Vibration: Sounds and Colors of the Soul in Holophonics 3D” under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event was included in the calendar of the European itinerant exhibit dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. Since his debut in the record and entertainment industry in 1975, Zuccaroli has performed in many festivals, shows and TV programs (RAI, Mediaset, TMC in Italy; TVE in Spain; Swedish and German broadcasters) and has been interviewed for his expertise on numerous public and independent radio networks. Zuccaroli has been awarded degrees in Voice & Opera at the world-renowned Florence Music Conservatory and in Electronic Music at the prestigious Rome Music Conservatory of Santa Cecilia.  
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