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Umberto Bindi
Umberto Bindi (May 12, 1932 - May 24, 2002) was an Italian singer-songwriter. Bindi was born in Bogliasco in the Province of Genoa, Italy. Bindi composed his first song, "Tího perduto" ("Iíve Lost You") in 1950 and made his debut in the world of Italian professional music with the song "Arrivederci" (Ricordi) in 1959. Bindi's first LP, "Umberto Bindi E Le Sue Canzoni", was released in 1960. Bindi wrote a number of songs which made him known by a larger public and few of them became classic hits: "Il nostro Concerto" ("Our Concert", 1960), "Riviera" (1961) and especially "Il Mio Mondo" ("You're My World", 1963) which was recorded in 1964 by the British pop singer Cilla Black. The song reached number 1 in Britain and remains one of her biggest-selling recordings, remaining at the top spot for five weeks. Then Bindi was ignored because of his declared homosexuality. Bindi died at Rome hospital from heart disease, aged 70.  
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